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Founders Collective 2018

Founders can apply to join FC by 4/15/18

Each year the StartupAZ Foundation selects a new cohort of high-potential founders to join Founders Collective. Each new cohort kicks off in June, so the application window closes April 15th.

What is Founders Collective?

Founders Collective is where entrepreneurs combine their talent, network, and resources to help each other achieve success in growing their companies and creating a lasting impact in the community. Each year a limited number of promising founders are selected to join. By joining the Collective, founders make a one-year commitment kicked-off with a 3-day summer retreat, followed by monthly peer-to-peer check-ins.

The retreat and monthly check-ins are elevated by our Founders in Residence (seasoned startup leaders like Clate Mask, Heidi Jannenga, Brenda Schmidt, and Gregg Scoresby, to name a few) and built on candor and trust to help keep founders accountable for their performance while swarming around individual leadership challenges and opportunities.

Who can apply?

To be considered for Founders Collective, your venture must have an innovative, highly-scalable business model and be at or near $500k ARR (up to ~ $5MM) and/or capitalized with at least $1M in third-party financing. Qualifying business models short of the financial criteria are still encouraged to apply.

Cohorts become hubs of high performance accountability; magnets for attracting growth capital, top talent, and the other essential ingredients for building great companies. Current and alumni include the founders of FullBay, Clean Router, eVisit, Neolight, Foresold, Picmonic, ReplyBuy, Allbound, ClickIPO, Prospectify, Clicdata, Bay IQ, Bright Guest, Fetch Rev, Find Your Influence, NetChain2, USeed, MindSpace, LeadQuizzes, AppsFreedom, CrowdMics, Medical Memory, Revolution Parts, Iris PR and more.

How do I apply?

Step 1: Learn more about Founders Collective here.

Step 2: Complete this application before 4/15/18 and describe your company, current stage, and immediate needs. Selections will be announced by May 15th.

Key dates to consider: Founders Collective 2018 Summer Retreat is scheduled for June 21-23, 2018 in Flagstaff. All Founders/CEO's selected are required to attend (accommodations and meals provided). If you're interested but these dates conflict, please apply anyway.

Feel free to reach out to Brandon Clarke or Christie Simmons with any questions you might have.

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